A take on Gender Dysphoria
Dec 31 1969 7:00pm

It has been a long time since i posted on this site and i think its high time to do that.

Yesterday I was taking a leisure walk down riverside and i noticed there was a pride event going on and with the pride event you get rainbow flags everywhere and people displaying open affection with men+men and women+women.

I also noticed people dressing up in drag wearing outfits that would normally be reserved for the opposite sex. I pondered how people can bring themselves to do such a thing. Is it because they are trying to get attention? Is it because they truly feel like the opposite sex?

I then asked myself a question. Is that NATURAL?

I also asked myself is it part of NATURE?

It is important to know the difference as sometimes it can be blurred for people who dont understand the issues.

Being gay/lesbian is not really a choice. If you are attracted to the same sex it is not part of NATURE but it is still NATURAL. NATURE designates that a male has sex with a female and the reproductive cycle starts. Of course there are a few notable exceptions where they can change their sex upon need or be able to reproduce on themselves. Human beings typically do not have this ability but it does exist in NATURE.

But I digress a bit...

Human beings are typically attracted to the opposite sex based on a biological response. Its not their choice, its just their body is reacting to the hormones the opposite sex gives off. That is NATURE.

A human being attracted to the same sex is not part of NATURE but it is still NATURAL due to a biological response. A male attracted to another male is a hormonal reaction and it is something that we cannot change. It is how their brain is wired and the chemicals that is programmed to be attracted to. Obviously this is the same for females.

Now on the to the second part.

When a male feels as if they are a female trapped in a males body(a common saying among these groups) and vice versa it is nothing to do with a biological response or chemical markup. It is as I would put it all in their head. When a sex thinks they are the other sex they feel as if they belong to the other sex. do things the other sex would do and dress like the other sex would, There is no justification chemically, biologically and physically to justify their thoughts and feelings. This is most often called GENDER DYSPHORIA


This is a psychological disorder. Some people that fall under this group get sex reassignment surgery and have to take hormone supplements for the rest of their lives.

Why do they have to take supplements? Because their biology is STILL the same sex they are born as.

It doesn't matter what you think you are, even if you are born male and reassign to female your body chemical/biological is still programmed as your original sex. It is written in your DNA!!!

The people who fall under this actually believe TRULY that they are the opposite sex. They ignore the reality of the situation that they are indeed not who they are. This is what makes it a mental disorder.

Unfortunately it doesnt end there. This mental disorder is the only disorder that can actually have real life effects without cause in the LEGAL SYSTEM. There is now legislation in CANADA called Bill C-16 (you can read this bill here - http://www.parl.ca/DocumentViewer/en/42-1/bill/C-16/royal-assent )

You can read more on this with my previous article i posted on here at - https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/647939227371184132

This bill is a travesty to free speech and does nothing but empower people with GENDER DYSPHORIA to mandate that you address them as their illness dictates and makes it a crime and punishable to mention the reality of the situation.

It is a crime RIGHT NOW to knowingly address a person with GENDER DYSPHORIA with their biological SEX. Eg. IF I were to talk to a male that expresses themselves as a female they can send you to jail as it is now a HUMAN RIGHT to be addressed by what you express.

This poses huge problems on a variety of grounds. Namely for a specific group such as GENDER FLUID. You never know what sex a PERSON feels for that particular day and they can send you to jail for misidentifying them. It is a contributing reason why i left HER MAJESTY's ORGANIZATION.

This entire mental illness is UNNATURAL and AGAINST NATURE. It has no place in reality and should be addressed quickly.

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