A disturbing pedo trend...
Dec 31 1969 7:00pm

As I am sure you all noticed that there was a Netflix movie called "Cuties" that portrays young girls committing some pretty questionable sexual acts.

As the main characters upbringing involves Muslim upbringing being exposed to the global culture of websites, social media and the like would be having a significant impact on her life as she struggled with an internal conflict.

I couldn't watch it. 5 minutes and I had to check out. It wasn't the plot, or the choice of actors. its the hyper-sexuality that the actors portray that made me extremely uncomfortable.

Watching girls twerking is not my kind of movie...nor sending compromising pictures...

When I turned off that video and slap on an episode of whatever the thought persisted. I thought to myself..."Who the fuck approved this from Netflix?"

I mean if you have to think about it this show would be geared towards groups who would prefer to see young girls doing very sexual things would be other girls near that age group or pedophiles.


I have to ask...did the person whoever approved this to hit Netflix....is that persona pedophile? On what grounds did the Netflix officers charged for quality and control approve such a hyper sexualized movie about young girls?

Tying this into fringe groups who are actually trying to legalized pedophilia in some forms or another in some states. Thankfully most are immediately shutdown due to reason.

Is pedophilia becoming a thing? Last i checked people were killing instantly for even suggesting engaging in these acts. People get killed in prison for being a pedo and the only time that guards are great is they look the other way when it come to these people.

But enough.

it seems to me that the "Powers that be" is trying to normalize this kind of egregious act.

When did we stop protecting our kids to letting them even have a voice let alone push legislation to make these changes?

What happened?

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