Why RPis are great and why you should have one too.
Sep 17 2020 8:50am

When this small portable cheap computer hit the market it really rocked the world.

The amount of applications was endless ranging from running servers of any kind to small hobby projects to learning about Linux for education reasons.

This computer was cheap and ranging from 35$ for an all you need computer system(no peripherals) this was in good competition. Not to mention that it barely used any power.

Of course you can go headless or install the lite versions of raspbians(now called Raspberry Pi OS) to get that extra juice without running a desktop environment(highly recommended for rpi 1-3).

This website you are currently viewing is run by a single RPi 4 8GB and it works flawlessly.

this pi is able to run a copy of nginx+brotli, MongoDB, email server with TLS encryption and webmail.

The above is just one example. the applications is unlimited...in fact over the course of the next few weeks i'll be showing people the power of these tiny power machines and the amount of stuff you can do with it.

Topics include but not limited to...

web servers (nginx) and optimal configurations
database integration (MongoDB)
mail server (Roundcube/postfix admin)
DNS (bind9)

This list is nowhere near exhaustive on the capabilities but just to serve as a start as this is very easy to do and the rewards are huge.

As someone I know used to say, start your day with making your bed and you can take on the day.

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