Where's the accountability?
Sep 27 2020 8:31pm

Every day you would be hard pressed to not encounter some new scandal, corruption, human rights abuse, etc and so on. The usual would be police brutality, how police routinely break rules with no repercussion whatsoever, government scandal, squandering public funds, quarantine protocols, its really endless.

Everyone is saying "oh police brutality is bad", "the government broke the law!" and other comments that usually comments that yes its bad but here is my problem and i don't see much of this being asked around but uh...who will be called to account?

That is a very good question. Who will be called to account for all of these actions?

You see Edward Snowden pop up in the news lately. In case you forgot who he is he was responsible for releasing documentation on the United States of America massive surveillance program that revealed to the world the scope of the PRISM program which spied on several nations and shared information.

This vindicated every conspiracy nerd that the government was spying on them and they were right! And huge privacy violations!

But you wanna know the burning 1 million dollar question? No one was called to account. No one.

Name one person who had to answer for that program? I can't.

Or what about the war crimes the United States of America committed in the release of the Collateral Murder video that showed US troops firing on news reporters, kids and unarmed CIVILIANS?

Who was called to account for that? No one.

All these police brutalities? Any sane man or woman can reasonably presume that a man or a group of men pounding on a man or womans head restrained and no threat would be barbaric and brutal. But it all changes when those group of men are suddenly outfitted with a badge?

The authorities would have me believe that a man in a costume wearing a badge can beat the shit out of someone and not be held accountable for his actions!? Wow. I can totally understand the reason why police officers have multiple complains made against them. I mean why the fuck should they care. the government got their backs.

Rarely if any police officer were caught doing the crime(you would have to have a slam dunk video of them just to get them to court) they would go to jail. IF they do, they post bond often on their own recognizance and sometimes jump bail. And even if they do go to jail the crime they committed RARELY fits the punishment...presuming they don't get paid vacation(administrative duty, leave with medical, etc...).

All on the expense of the public purse.

It seems to me that all this corruption, scandal, abuse of right all have one thing in common...No one is called to account.

Is it really that secretive of a question to be asked? Because I see absolutely no one being held responsible for their actions. Not the individual who authorized this. Not the government who hired that agent. No one. Why is that?

Maybe this kind of shit happens because they know that exposing them no longer works. I mean they do it almost right in the public and no one gives a shit.

Sure people put up a stink about it but what then? Wheres the meaningful change? the reforms? The shuffling of personnel to "implement rapid changes". you wont get it from government that's for sure. Not in the police union either...

A fact that I like to tell people when they try to say that Edward Snowden is a traitor is I ask "name one person who was killed as a result of his leaks". No one can give me a single name and that's a problem.

No one is rarely called to account.

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